Defend Democracy works to defend and strengthen democracy against foreign, domestic and technological threats. We are delighted to start a high-level Transatlantic Democracy Dialogue.

Democracy is under pressure worldwide. For years, there has been democratic backsliding: a qualitative decline in the essential elements of healthy democracies. Even established democracies like the U.S., the UK, Canada and EU member states are not immune to the erosion of democracy. Protecting, strengthening and supporting democracy at home and abroad starts with getting our own house in order. We must “prove democracy works” at home not just because we want the best form of government to deliver for our people, but also if we want to be credible abroad.

Defend Democracy is therefore creating a Transatlantic Democracy Dialogue, bringing together high-level democracy stakeholders from across the Transatlantic region. The invitation-only gatherings aim to revitalise what brings Transatlantic allies together: our shared values. The working meetings contribute to protecting, strengthening and supporting democracies’ values (democracy, rule of law, and human rights, including press freedom), both at home and abroad.

Defend Democracy has been working transatlantically from its informal start on 8 November 2017. We are grateful that our project Transatlantic Democracy Dialogue is supported by the U.S. Mission to the EU. Some of the Transatlantic Democracy Dialogue’s work will also be shared with the Summit for Democracy. We look forward to many productive meetings that not only strengthen democracy, but also the bond between its allies.

“The Transatlantic alliance can only be as strong as it is united, and can only be united to the extent that it sees itself as connected by common values.”

Transatlantic Democracy Dialogue