We are deeply impressed by Defend Democracy’s contributions and achievements in the forefront of the democratic camp against authoritarian regimes. We appreciate Defend Democracy’s commitment to defending and strengthening democratic resilience and countering digital threats.”

Taiwan Ministry of Digital Affairs (moda)

“With many European leaders asleep at the wheel, since 2014 Defend Democracy’s visionary founder has been a tireless advocate of a coordinated EU strategy to counter the Kremlin’s hybrid warfare against democracies.”

Bill Browder, Head of Global Magnitsky Justice campaign

“Thanks to its consistent focus on the link between democracy and security, Defend Democracy is achieving remarkable results in terms of education and awareness of the three threats to our democracy and their interconnection.”

Kees Klompenhouwer, former Netherlands Ambassador to Czechia, Ukraine and Serbia

“Defend Democracy’s Transatlantic Democracy Dialogue and its monthly #DemocracyDrinks were key to connecting with people and building the interpersonal networks necessary to understand and grapple with the many pressing and interlinked challenges to a common democratic future.”

Pamela & David Rowe, visiting professors of political science, Kenyon College

“The work of Defend Democracy is especially crucial in times of increased foreign malign influence, constant disinformation campaigns and complex hybrid threats.”

Fanny Trang, U.S. Mission to the European Union