Historic global election year 2024 and disinformation – Defend Democracy says we still underestimate the problem and don’t invest enough in societal resilience (CNN partner N1info, 5 January 2024)

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Defend Democracy behind the scenes – in episode 4 of ‘Sander versus de socials’, our founder shares the story behind Defend Democracy (Netherlands national TV, 20 November 2023)

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Democracy Drinks: ‘What better way to fight for democracy than with a drink?’BRUZZ TV joined one of our monthly networking events for democracy defenders (Brussels, Belgium, 14 October 2021)

How to hack an election: cyber threats to democracyDeutsche Welle TV with Defend Democracy (5 September 2021)

Global Elections: Israel, The Netherlands & Uganda – Defend Democracy in a panel of the Fair Elections and Free Speech Center (online, 1 September 2021)

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We are cyborgs. On big tech, big data, disinformation and democracy – Defend Democracy key note at Path to Integrity congress (Madrid, Spain, 21 November 2019)

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