Research shows that social media users tend to engage more with extreme content. In turn, social media platforms’ algorithms further boost the salience of these contents. Both people’s behaviour and platforms’ business model thus contribute to polarisation. Unfortunately, both behaviour and algorithms can be “gamed” by our adversaries, who exploit polarisation to undermine our democracies, institutions and alliances.

While Defend Democracy is urging for platforms to be regulated and for collective countermeasures against our adversaries’ hybrid attacks, an underinvested opportunity for tackling information manipulation, disinformation, propaganda, conspiracy theories and other forms of harmful content and behaviour is building civil resilience. Many people are keen to help reduce disinformation and conspiracy theories, but they often don’t know how.

That’s why Defend Democracy launches Act On Disinfo: a series of interactive trainings on how to deal with online information manipulation, disinformation, conspiracy theories, propaganda and other harmful information activities. Defend Democracy is not only working to monitor, analyse and expose information manipulation and foreign interference, we are also experienced digital strategic communication practitioners and happy to share our skills.

Act On Disinfo

  • Supported by: NATO‘s Public Diplomacy Division
  • Start date: 1 November 2021
  • Status: ongoing